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SOMÈH Your Equestrian Life. Your Bag.

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SOMÈH is authentic, self-confident, creative and well-positioned. We love horses and live the Equestrian Lifestyle - are classic, timeless and yet always on trend. Experience a stylish makeover and the ease of horse grooming with our bags.

Grooming bags have a name - SOMÈH®

SOMÈH Your Equestrian Life. Your Bag.

About us

Achieving more together

The best ideas come about when you go through the world with your eyes wide open. We are passionate horse people, creative business owners, close to nature and always have an eye for the essential things in life. How a visit to a horse show and a long-standing friendship resulted in SOMÈH and why uniqueness makes you strong.

SOMÈH Your Equestrian Life. Your Bag.

Our Vision

SOMÈH bags are a statement

With our exclusive brand we stand for highest quality standards and functional solutions. With a healthy expansion of the SOMÈH collections we want to further reduce our ecological footprint and show that sustainability is not only a luxury.

SOMÈH Your Equestrian Life. Your Bag.

Our Mission

The health and well-being of horses is close to our hearts.

We create space for the important things in life and with SOMÈH we not only stand for the passion of horses, but also set real standards in terms of quality awareness, sustainability and commitment.

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